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Sharp metal spike in parking...

Reported 9/9/20 6:32:11 PM UTC ago


Sharp metal spike in parking lot!

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How did this happen?

Handicap parking was moved by just sawing off the handicap parking sign. Last two inches of steel spike was left behind. Why was this left behind???? This destroyed someone else's tires too last week (they told me). BIG PROBLEM, PLEASE FIX.

How would you fix this?

Cut off the remaining spike!

What could happen if this is not fixed?

This destroyed BOTH!!! of my tires. Now I have to call a tow truck. I only have one spare and two flat tires. So annoying.

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Updated: 9/29/20 3:25:19 PM UTC

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Updated: 9/29/20 3:25:19 PM UTC


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