Our Story

We believe that our spaces are better when everyone helps keep them safe and clean.

We make it a snap to submit a report — it's effortless for you, and by fixing small problems before they get big, it saves money for the communities. Win-win!

With just a photo and a location, you can report municipal problems, anywhere. Public or private, city or campus, just submit a report. We find the right people to fix it and follow up until they do.

Join us, and make your built environment just a little better.

Meet Our Team

Tasha Arvantis
Tasha Arvanitis

Harvey Mudd College - Physics

D. E. Shaw Research

David Coats
David Coats

Harvey Mudd College - Physics


Elissa Hou
Consultant: Elissa Hou

Harvey Mudd College - Comp Bio

Rivet Anomalytics