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Just a photo and location

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  • Works in public and private spaces
  • "Municipal" doesn't mean just cities

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Broken sprinkler?
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Tell someone with photo and location

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Does it Work?

I gave Safety cone a shot and was REALLY impressed with the responsiveness of the service! I reported a broken gate, and unbeknownst to me, it was simply being repaired which safety cone alerted me to. I'm impressed and will continue to use the service.

Ryan J.

Houston, TX

That mattress had been out front for two weeks. But after I reported it with Safety Cone it was gone in 24 hours!

Asim K.

Mountain View, CA

Try a test report

We really like cute dog photos :-)

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Help the fixers out!

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  • What if it's not fixed?
  • How did it happen?

This info makes it easier to fix the issue, and gives your report its best chance to be addressed.

How should this be fixed?

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