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Send municipal reports to the right organization using just photo and location.

It's simple and free.

We cover 97 million people!

  • 1,500+ locations
  • 4 states
  • And growing!

How it Works

You notice a pothole, broken sprinkler, ... or rodents!

Who do you tell?

Just a photo and location

Automatically routed based on location

  • Database of organization emails
  • 1,500 locations, 4 states, and growing fast

College campus? Town square? We got it.

  • Works in public and private spaces
  • "Municipal" doesn't mean just cities

Share using the public URL on getsafetycone.com

  • Upvote problems in your community
  • Track updates on your report

Does it Work?

I gave Safety cone a shot and was REALLY impressed with the responsiveness of the service! I reported a broken gate, and unbeknownst to me, it was simply being repaired which safety cone alerted me to. I'm impressed and will continue to use the service.

Ryan J.

That mattress had been out front for two weeks. But after I reported it with Safety Cone it was gone in 24 hours!

Asim K.

The Journey of a Report

30 seconds, and you're done!

You notice a broken sprinkler.

30 seconds

Submit a report with photo and location.

24 hour guarantee

Find out what organization received your report

No response? No problem!

We follow-up for you automatically after 2, 5 and 10 days


94% of reports are fixed within 1 week

Join others to make your world a better place


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Pictures of your shoes (or cute dogs!) are welcome.

No report is sent, but everything else is the same.

In an emergency, stop and call 911.




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How do we reach you?

Your report is 100% anonymous

We only use your email to:

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  • Update you when the issue is fixed
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    What should be done to fix the problem?
    What will happen if the problem isn't fixed?
    How did the problem happen?

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    By accepting, you can set your current location.

    By declining, you will need to manually search for a location.

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    Are you sure? Your report is 100% anonymous, and we keep your email safe.

    Without a way to contact you:

    • No follow-up on your report
    • No idea who received your report
    • No copy of your report
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